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Best PPC Company In India

Best PPC Company in India

When it comes to getting immediate results, PPC marketing services has to be your go to. Luckily, you have Marketing Sarthi with you on this journey. We are the best PPC Company in India with a proven track record of success. So, when your brand gets on-board with us, the PPC services in India you receive will be unmatched.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we deliver what we promise. That’s why so many clients choose us as their PPC agency in India. From Google ads management services to full-fledged PPC services, we are there with you on every turn of the success journey.

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What are the benefits of PPC services in India?

For businesses in India, PPC services offer a wide range of benefits. These include reaching the audience that is most likely to convert to quick results and measurable ROI. But that’s not it! So, let’s explore why you should invest in PPC services in India.

The best part about PPC advertising is that it allows you to target a specific keyword, location, or demographics. So, you can advertise to an audience that is most likely to be converted into your customers. And when you choose a good PPC service provider, all your ad budget is spent where it is most likely to work well.

Another major plus point of hiring a good PPC company in India is that you get immediate results. When compared to organic marketing, PPC services ensure faster results. So, if you want to grow your brand quickly and reach a wider audience, it is time for you to look for professional Google Ads Management Services with Marketing Sarthi.  

Every penny you spend is within your control with PPC advertising. So, none of your budget goes where you won’t like it to go. The best part is that you pay for every click or impression you get. That’s why so many growing businesses in the country look for PPC services in India. It allows them to reach their target audience within a budget.


Chances are that most of your competitors are already using PPC advertising in India. So, it is paramount for your brand to start investing in PPC services if you want to leave the competition behind and grow your brand. The key is to find the best PPC company in India like Marketing Sarthi for sustained marketing success.


Is your marketing campaign resulting in any success for you? This is a question to which many brands often have no answer. But with PPC marketing services, you can measure the profit every dollar brings you. With help of analytics tool, you can measure the ROI (Return on Investment) and make changes if necessary. Luckily for you, Marketing Sarthi, the best PPC company in India will do it for YOU!

PPC marketing services make it exceedingly simple for your brand to reach the first page of Google search results. Furthermore, PPC services in India also allow you to remarket to the target audience and increase recall value. In a nutshell, hiring a PPC company in India will, in all likelihood, bring loads of customers to your brand!

How We Provide Best PPC Services in India?

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In-depth Keyword Research

We use cutting-edge technology to analyse your customer’s search behaviour. As a result, we create your PPC campaign based on the most relevant keywords. But that’s not it! We keep on modifying those target keywords to make sure you get the best Google ads management services you paid for.

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Engaging Ad Copy Curation

Once we have the keywords, we then move on to write the perfect ad copy for your brand. Being the best PPC company in India, we understand the importance of a convincing copy. And our expert writers will create a copy for you that both connects AND converts.

Traffic Analysis

Pinpoint Targeting & Scheduling

Without research-based targeting, PPC advertising campaigns don’t do well. But when you choose us as your PPC agency in India, your ads reach the right target audience AND at the right time. This way, every penny you spend on your pay-per-click advertising goes where you want it to.

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Continuous Optimization

At Marketing Sarthi, we take a closer look at your PPC campaign. And we optimize it based on the results we are getting and to reach where we want to be. We also conduct A/B testing and run campaigns that are most likely to become successful and bring you conversions.

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Complete Campaign Management

For your pay-per-click advertising, we offer complete PPC services in India. Which means that we design your campaign right from keyword research to targeting and the final execution. And throughout the journey, we stay on our toes to bring you the best results.

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Cost-Effective PPC Marketing

We are not the kind of PPC company in India which keeps on asking for more ad budget. Instead, we try to bring you better results within the stipulated budget. Why? Because we know that targeting, content, and optimization is better than pumping loads of money into a lifeless campaign.

PPC Company In India That Delivers Results

Marketing Sarthi: PPC Company in India that Delivers Results

With Marketing Sarthi, you get a unique strategy when it comes to PPC services in India. What makes us a stand out as a PPC agency in India? That is our constant striving towards improving our PPC advertising services.

That is because we learn from the market and are not satisfied with being the best PPC company in India. As a result, so many clients continue to choose us as their PPC agency in India. So, does your brand also want to target a specific audience? Do you want your brand to be seen where all the audience is?

Then, reach out to us today and avail the best PPC services in India that will go in line with your brand’s unique nature and the industry you’re in!


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    Advanced data analytics in Google Ads uncovers insights for optimizing campaigns, enhancing ROI, and achieving marketing goals with precision.

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    High-performance marketing through Google Ads combines data-driven strategies, creative excellence, and continuous optimization to achieve exceptional results and ROI.

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    Google Ads is a powerful tool to increase business growth by driving targeted traffic, boosting conversions, and expanding market reach.

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    Why Choose Marketing Sarthi
    for PPC Services in India?

    There are several reasons why you should hire Marketing Sarthi as your PPC company in India. First of all, we have established ourselves as a top PPC service provider in the country. We are backed by our PPC experts and more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Want to know more reasons why you should choose us as your PPC agency in India? READ ON!

    Our PPC company in India has an acute understanding of the Indian market. That’s why we have so successfully served a number of clients in the country. Furthermore, our understanding allows us to prepare campaigns for your brand that are relevant to the audience’s taste and aligns with the consumer culture.  

    We boast a solid portfolio of successful PPC campaigns in India for clients belonging from a range of industries. With us as their PPC agency in India, our clients have received higher website visits, better conversion rates, and a sustained growth for their brand. This is what makes us one of the most trusted PPC services in India.

    Another reason why we stand out as a PPC company in India is because of our personalized approach. That is because we understand that a common PPC strategy will not work for all types of brands or industries. With that in mind, we set out to create a PPC advertising campaign for you that aligns with your business goals and suits your buyer’s persona.

    When you choose us as your PPC company in India for the campaigns, you get complete transparency from our end. From detailed reports to analysis, we keep you in the loop at all stages of your PPC campaign. So, you will know how your ad budget is being used and can ask for a change in approach whenever you want.


    In the world of digital marketing, things change constantly. But we stay in touch with all the trends and updates. In fact, that’s what makes it the best PPC agency in India. With the help of cutting-edge tools and platforms for your PPC campaigns, we keep your brand’s marketing game optimized for sustained success.

    In today’s business world, efficiency is the name of the game. And being the best Google ads management services in India, we keep optimizing your campaigns. That’s because we want your hard-earned money to be used well in all your marketing efforts. If there’s one thing we can 100% guarantee, it’s an impressive ROI!

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    our packages

    Google ads Packages

    Curve 2
    Basic Or Small Business
    ₹9999 / month

    Campaign – 1

    AD Groups – 2

    Ad Copies – Maximum 6

    No. of Keywords-50

    Search Ads

    Display Ads

    Gmail Ads

    Video Ads

    Shopping Ads

    App Promotion Ads

    Remarketing List

    Conversion Tracking


    Blog Social Sharing

    Slide Submissions – 1

    Text Infographic Creation – 1

    Image Submission – 1

    Video Creation

    Q & A – 1

    Keyword Ranking Report

    Acquired Links Report

    Advance Or Mid Size Business
    ₹14999 / month

    Campaign – 3

    AD Groups – 6

    Ad Copies – Maximum 15

    No. of Keywords-100

    Search Ads

    Display Ads

    Gmail Ads

    Video Ads

    Shopping Ads

    Alerts and Mention

    Competitor Backlink Research

    Social Sharing – 40 (Total)

    Blog Social Sharing

    Slide Submissions – 2

    Text Infographic Creation – 2

    Image Submission – 2

    Video Creation

    Q & A – 3

    Keyword Ranking Report

    Acquired Links Report

    Premium plan
    Enterprise Or E-Commerce Business
    ₹24999 / month

    Campaign – 5

    AD Groups – 10

    Ad Copies – Maximum 50

    No. of Keywords-150

    Search Ads

    Display Ads

    Link Roundups

    Competitor Backlink Research

    Social Sharing – 50 (Total)

    Blog Social Sharing

    Slide Submissions – 3

    Text Infographic Creation – 3

    Image Submission – 3

    Video Creation

    Q & A – 5

    Keyword Ranking Report

    Acquired Links Report

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    "I've had an experience working with Marketing Sarthi, for social media marketing. Their innovative strategies and ongoing interaction have greatly enhanced our visibility and engagement with the audience.We highly recommend their social media marketing services for anyone seeking impactful digital marketing results.""

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    "Frankfinn Institutes collaboration, with Marketing Sarthi for lead generation has been outstanding. Their focused tactics and dedication, to delivering results have greatly enhanced our generation and conversion rates. We wholeheartedly endorse their lead generation services to anyone in search of digital marketing strategies.""

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    ""Marketing Sarthi has done a job in enhancing the SEO of my website. Their straightforward methods, strategies and commitment, to delivering results have greatly improved my visibility, on Google. I highly recommend their top quality SEO services to anyone in need.""

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    Pay per click FAQs

    Not at all! In fact, PPC services in India is a cost-effective way to reach your potential customers. After all, you play for each click and can target the audience of your choice.

    Yes! Being the best PPC company in India, we create PPC advertising campaigns that are tailor-made to help you reach your business goals.

    Yes! PPC advertising is a lot more targeted and has helped countless brands in India widen their reach and reach a new consumer base.

    Because at Marketing Sarthi, client’s success is how we measure our success. That’s what makes us the best PPC services provider in India. 

    The one claim to fame that PPC services in India have over other methods is its efficient nature and the amount of targeting it allows marketers. It is a sure-shot recipe for more customers.