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Build Your Brand With the Best Technical SEO Services in India

At Marketing Sarthi, we have experts for all kinds of SEO services. And the same goes for Technical SEO services in India. Thanks to our Technical SEO experts, we have helped a diverse set of clients widen their reach and boost website traffic. From mobile optimization to structuring the website, we offer the full range of technical SEO services in India.

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Why is Technical SEO in India
important for your business?

At Marketing Sarthi, we believe in creating the best technical SEO solution for your brand.

But you may ask, is it even important for your brand?

Yes, it is! Of course, it is! Let’s find out why Technical SEO in India is extremely vital

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Mobile-oriented Market

A big part of any technical SEO campaign is mobile-optimizing your online presence. This includes everything from your GMB profile, map listing, and the website. Today, most of India’s user base accesses the internet on mobile devices. Hence, mobile optimization becomes immensely important for your technical SEO campaign in India to succeed.

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2. Competitive Environment

In today’s business landscape of India, there’s cut-throat competition. Most brands today invest heavily in SEO in India and other forms of marketing to stand out. So, your brand cannot let such opportunities go. Instead, you should try to find the best technical SEO company in India and start your journey towards sustained business success.

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Market Localization

With good technical SEO services in India, you can target specific areas, demographics, or even languages. And with well-optimized URLs, images, and content, you can create a local stronghold, as well. For a diverse country like India, this becomes even more important for your brand to cater to potential customers from different cultures and walks of life.

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4. Updates in Algorithm

The behavior of Google and other search engines does not remain the same. Brands to keep in touch with any updates in the algorithm of the search engine they are optimizing for. And technical SEO experts in India will help you do JUST THAT. As a result, your brand will remain on top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and your website will continue to gain relevant traffic.

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5. Cost-Efficient Method

Why pump massive amounts of money into advertisement and promotional campaigns? Especially, when you can drive impressive traffic to your website and build trust with potential customers with professional technical SEO services in India. In today’s Indian market, when there’s so much marketing going on, your brand needs to stay wise with it.

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6. Long-term Results

Today, sustainability is the name of the game. Spending heavily on short-term marketing triumph is not healthy for businesses. That’s why Technical SEO services in India have become the go-to for so many companies, both big and small. After all, once your website starts ranking higher on search engines, you won’t have to spend as much on advertising.

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What Our Technical SEO Services
Company in India offers?

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Technical SEO Audit

At Marketing Sarthi, we start by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your website. We check your website’s crawlability, mobile responsiveness, speed, on-page optimization, URL structure, redirections, content quality, and more. Only by gaining insights into your website’s current scenario do we move on to offering technical SEO solutions in India to you.

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Site Speed Enhancement

Once we’re done with the evaluation, we get to work one by one. Nobody likes to stay on a website that takes way too long to load. That’s why the first thing we do with our technical SEO services in India is improve your website’s speed. We identify factors that might be slowing down your website’s performance and make tweaks to help it perform at its very best.

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Optimizing Images

We optimize the images on your website pages according to technical SEO. As a result, the images on your website are clearer, load faster, and help your website rank higher on search engines. Apart from being an important factor of technical SEO in India, image optimization also greatly improves user experience and helps your brand build trust with visitors.

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Rectifying Broken Links

Users do not return to a website where they keep facing errors like 404. That’s why the best technical SEO companies in India, like us, focus heavily on fixing any broken links on your website. As part of that, we also fix outdated content and make sure all the visitors who arrive at your website get exactly what they are looking for in terms of quality.

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SSL/HTTPS Security

At Marketing Sarthi, we also ensure that your company’s online presence remains safe from all kinds of cyber threats. We also make sure that your website runs on HTTPS encryption. That’s because these factors are important for your website to rank high on search engines. So, we provide security with success when it comes to our technical SEO services in India.

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Cracking New Algorithm

Any professional Technical SEO company in India should stay in touch with all the new updates in the algorithm of search engines. Be it Google, Bing or any other engine, Marketing Sarthi experts stay up-to-date with all the industry’s news and happenings! Why? Because we want to serve nothing less than the best technical SEO services in India to all our clients.

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Why Choose us as your
Technical SEO Company in India?

So, do you want to leap ahead of competitors? Do you want to set a sure-shot trajectory toward your online marketing goals? If yes, read on to learn more about Marketing Sarthi – The Best Technical SEO Services Company in India.   

Our technical SEO experts boast an acute understanding of algorithms and search engines. We also understand the nitty—gritty of conducting technical SEO campaigns in India. And with our innovative solutions, we can offer you the best Local SEO services in India.

For the last 10 years, we have served a range of clients with our technical SEO services in India. In each case, we have brought more and more traffic to their website and kept their online presence technically up-to-date. So, when you pick us as your technical SEO company in India, you can expect similar success!

Our technical SEO packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose a package that suits the size of your brand and comes within your budget. No matter which package you choose, we will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best technical SEO services in India.

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Sure-Shot SEO Success with Marketing Sarthi
Top Technical SEO Services Agency in India


As you can see, we provide the full spectrum of technical SEO services in India. From growing companies to established local names, we have worked for a diverse range of brands. In all our projects, we bring more than just technical expertise and consistency. Be it content or the overall strategy, we also bring a bit of creativity to the table.

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Why Choose Marketing Sarthi as
your SEO Agency in India?

Are you all set to take your company to a wider audience? Do you also believe that you can reach there through search engines? If yes, then you are right. And what’s more? Our SEO company can help you do that with our 10+ years of experience. But experience is not it! Our SEO expertise integrity and professionalism are what make us stand out